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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where protestors protested in castro neighborhood in an effort to make a statement about something that happened in the bayview neighborhood. the story is coming up. >> i'm nick smith live in the newsroom where the senate judiciary committee will be holding a first hearing on the possible repeal of dolma. >> and here is a live look from sutro tower on clear day this morning. no clouds and no marine layer. today and tomorrow will be the hottest days of the forecast. cooling trend for the weekend. >> i'm sue hall. we have a bart delay this morning and a sig alerted for peninsula drivers. i'll have everything you need to know coming up in a few minutes.
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>> thank you so much for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas this morning. >> new developments this morning in the police shooting of a man in san francisco's bayview district. there is more evidence that he did, in fact, fire at police first and there have been a number of arrests of protestors that don't believe he did. amy hollyfield joins us live where the protest begun. >> we're in the castro district, they never indicated why they chose to protest here. we are at the bank of america at 18th and castro. they have a broken window here on the side of the building on 18th street. the protest started at 5:00 yesterday afternoon in dolores park and headed over the castro b around 6:00. someone through a hammer at police officers. no one was hurt. there were smoke bombs that were
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thrown in the castro muni station. they declared an unlawful assembly at 7:45 and arrested 35 people. >> we supported these folks along the way to exercise their first amendment rights. we reached a point down here where the crowd is getting quite loud and we asked them to get out of the street. >> the protest is over the shooting death of 19-year-old kenneth harding from washington state. he has a criminal history is a person of interest in a murder investigation. san francisco police say he shot at hem first and that is why they shot and killed him. the protestors have been questioning whether he was armed. police announced yesterday that they had gunshot residue it was found on his hand. still emotions surrounding this case are intense so the police chief holding a townhall meeting tonight at 6:00 at the bay view opera house.
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this morning, senator dianne feinstein begins a first capitol hill hearing to repeal the law banning marriage of same-sex couples. >> in less than few hours, they will hold a hearing on defense of marriage act repeal. it would overturn the defense of marriage act. feinstein believes that public swinging against it and has sponsored a bill to repeal the law. right now it denies same-sex couples over marriage benefits. she and other members of committee will hear from same-sex couples who believe it discriminates against them. currently they don't enjoy the same rights under federal law as other couples. >> they can't file joint income
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taxes and claim certain deductions. they can't receive spousal benefits under social security. >> he was long called for an appeal of defense of marriage act which has an impact on family, freandz zbliabs john boehner says the constitutionality of the law is determined by the courts rather than by the unilateral action by the obama administration. he went on to say this is another effort by washington democrats to take attention away from jobs and the economic policies which have been a failure. the specific bill in question is senate bill 598 and the hearing is scheduled to start this morning. a reward in the beating case of giants fan bryan stow has grown to $225,000. los angeles board of supervisors increased it by $25,000.
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two men attacked stow at dodgers stadium and still being treated at san francisco general hospital for severe brain injuries. in may they arrested a man as a suspect in the attack but not been charged in this case. >> they are looking disappearance of a 17-year-old walnut creek student has not returned home. he left home in a silver honda civic on july 10th. family and friends are concerned about him because they have not heard from him since. he told friends that he could be in sacramento and tahoe and santa cruz. he did not take his cellphone with him. >> a new study finds contra costa police agencies are strained by budget cuts especially the sheriff's department. the sheriff has lost 50 deputies in the past three years and now it takes almost nine minutes to respond to top pry ovtd calls.
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the study was ordered by a group that wants cooperation. they recommend jointly purchase equipment and hire dispatchers and share specialized police teams for gang suppression and some jobs should be taken over by civilians on some job is. >> a controversial subway project moved forward. board of supervisors approved the allocation of $57 million coming from a transportation pack. it will buy tunnel boring machines. supporters say the $1.6 billion project gives a much needed transit project gives a connection to chinatown. bart is getting ready to double it's parking fees at peninsula stations. starting august 1st, it will
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cost $2 to park in lot. bart frequently changed the cost to reflect demand. it was $2 back in 2003 and then $3 for a while but there is enough demand to raise it to $2. >> and wind surfer who was rescued after spending 13 hours into the bay is recovering at home this morning. 62-year-old's trouble begin her his called police after she failed to return home. they found her in the bay north of the san mateo bridge. >> she feels okay. she is sort of like she is feeling better. by tomorrow she'll be back to her usual self. this video shows her being
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raised from the water. the wet suit which was equipped with a flotation device and she did everything right staying on top of board. if she had strobe lights they could have found her a little faster. >> it's the kind of story we saw unfold it yesterday. and the husband kidding about she won't be wind surfing again. >> it's going to warm up. >> who told you? >> i think it was mike nicco. >> good morning to you. it's going be pretty nice day if you like sunshine and warmer than normal temperatures at the beach and around the bay area as you head inland. we'll find the hottest weather today, today and tomorrow will be the warmest in the forecast. you saw the storm track is well
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to the north. high pressure, clear sky, koum calm conditions this morning, 46 at half moon bay, a lot of upper 50s to low 50s everybody else. antioch could be the warmest spots, fairfield, 95 degrees. a lot of low to mid 90s in the east bay valleys with upper 80s to low 90s in the north bay valleys. mid to upper 80s from fremont, palo alto through the south bay. look at half moon bay, 70 degrees today. no free air-conditioning. that comes back into the forecast as we head into the weekend. let's take a look at monterey bay, 72 in monitor ra ray. 75 in salinas and low to mid 90s for hollister and gilroy. seven-day forecast, a two-day event, temperatures will be almost as hot tomorrow and then a dramatic cooling takes place friday through the weekend with temperatures could drop i would say 10-15 degrees by the end of the weekend. looks like delays out there.
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>> we do. if you are traveling northbound sunnyvale toward mountain view, there is a traffic alert in effect, there is a vehicle fire, two right lanes are blocked there. other delays, bart 10-15 minutes. daly city and pittsburg bay pointed direction. and we do have an accident eastbound 80, fortunately the non-commute direction and on-ramp at carlson, emergency crews are on the scene. they are trying to get out there with a fire and tow truck and getting it cleared up. 5:10 right now. >> still ahead, an agreement that could bring hundreds of new jobs to the bay area. >> and a test for alzheimer's disease. a breakthrough that could change the lives of millions of people. >> plus, bay area surgeons use 3-d technology to make custom replacement parts for your body.
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>> and new study to convince every wife to start
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a new push by the obama administration to increase exports could bring hundreds of new jobs to the port of oakland. they signed an agreement in oakland yesterday intended to generate more business for the nation's seaports. besides improving infrastructure
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at the ports they will reach out to other companies about exports and one is wine industry. >> 90% of the wines are shipped through the port of oakland. we see the increasing market for wine in asia, particularly in china as a huge opportunity for us to increase exports. >> the goal is national initiative is double the number of exports in five years. >> a new technology is promising quicker recovery times from surgery. unlike traditional joint replacement they are custom-made for each patient. >> as she strolls along the shoreline, she is enjoying far more than the view. >> that is not possible. i won't have pain free knee ever again, but i do. >> she had been suffering severe pain for more than a year.
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one option would be a total knee replacement but the surgeon suggested a less evasive approach, a partial knee replacement used a custom-made cap to match the dimensions. >> if part of the knee is hurt, its much bigger operation to replace all of the knee so this is the bone on bone medial compartment. >> x-rays revealed most of the deterioration was wags on the left side. to create the cap they did a 3-d mri and transmitted to the company that provided the animation. using sophisticated software they shape and size the replacement along with custom jigs to attach it correctly. >> it fits criminal xl on the bone. you don't remove any ligaments so the knee, you can get general
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motion back. >> she was able to return full time work in about nine weeks. she is now looking forward to pushing her limits even further. >> getting out there, walking, hiking, a little horseback riding, things i haven't been able to do. new replacements are typically covered by insurance and surgery is less evasive costs can be lower than with some of the older technology. >> a promising on report on alzheimer's disease as australian scientists say they have made progress on a blood test to screen for the disease. it did a good job of how much of alzheimer's plaque lurks in the brain. it could help people with memory problems if they have the disease. the report came to light at a major alzheimer's conference going on in france. >> terry and mike, you listen up there may be one benefit to
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having wives that nag. a new study by canadian researchers found that married men have better health than single men. they credit wives that nag their husbands about keeping their doctor's appointments. heart attack victims arrive half an hour sooner and women can check for medical advice about their husbands. >> and they can show up and they can do a lot more. >> watching the game. >> not playing golf and drinking. >> do you break that down by the size of your life insurance policy? >> you look great. >> reminders.
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>> good recovery there, mike. >> show you what is going on. >> no pressure at home, not at all. >> she is taking a new policy on you right now. >> let's see if we can double that. 5:18 looking down from emeryville, notice the lack of clouds, nothing to stop the warming sun that will come up at about 6:03 this morning. temperatures are still pretty warm in some areas, we're in the low to mid-50s in concord, livermore, mountain view and 67 in antioch. everybody else in the upper 50s. half moon bay, 46. monterey bay, 54 or 55 degrees. highlights, warmest afternoons today and tomorrow. when the clouds slowly returns friday morning, that is when you know the air mass is starting to change and the sea breeze, s coming back.
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that will take over for friday, saturday, sunday and monday and drop our temperatures back below average. for today, quite a jump in some areas, oakland 3 but san francisco and san jose 6. 7 in fremont, concord and santa rosa, 8 degrees warmer. 14 hours and 25 minutes of sunshine by the time it sets at about 8:28. there are a few clouds around the peninsula coast. even by the afternoon showers those gets whisked away by the northwesterly breeze with 70s around the bay and 90s inland neighborhoods. pretty much mid to upper 80s in south bay. redwood city, low to mid-80s. upper 50s to near 70 along the coast today. downtown san francisco and sausalito in the mid-70s with upper 80s to low 90s in the north bay valleys.
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sunshine and mid-60s at the beaches. upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay. low to mid 90s in east bay valleys. concord and pittsburg, 94 degrees, same thing around morgan hill and gilroy. 72 in monterey. 12:45 game and lots of sunscreen 54 jumping up to 70. tomorrow almost as warm and significant cooling trend and clouds come back friday morning. good morning. thanks for the great forecast with the warm temperatures. good news for bart travelers this morning. there was an earlier delay and no problems with mass transit at this hour. good way to go in you are commuting. we do have an earlier accident in livermore at the truck scales. that would be westbound 580 that is cleared out of lanes and so far your drive from the central
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valley looks pretty good as you head from the 205 freeway toward the altamont pass into livermore and on to the dublin interchange. we've got road work, southbound 101 and you can see all the emergency road crews there, they will be out until 6:00 this morning with road work. we have all your traffic information at left side of the screen. click on bay area traffic. coming up next, a man many call the most popular athlete in chinese history. >> and it was only a matter of time, san francisco food trucks
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it is 5:24 as we look live from mount sutro, pulling the downtown san francisco shot. it is beautiful every morning, golden sunrise on the way. it looks great. >> all right. >> china's most famous athlete announced his retirement from the n.b.a. houston rockets center is a household name. he played 8 seasons and. his all star presence expanded the popularity in asia big time.
5:25 am
yao has the possibility of becoming go general manager of team there. >> in nepal, size does matter. there is a new measurement of mount everest. they figured the height 28,028 feet but 12 years ago russian climbers it's seven feet faul taller than that. plans are being made to put a device that will measure the height once again using satellite. >> americans have a fascination with bacon. san francisco very first dedicated to bacon. burgers and sandwiches with a good sized serving of bacon and unusual eats bacon covered with chocolate and toffee.
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>> and i had maple bacon. >> vegetarians love bacon and everybody eats bacon. >> another unusual item which is bacon jelly. >> and bacon flavored gum. >> i'm sure somebody makes it. >> next at 5:30, the city of oakland is trying to make money off of medical marijuana. >> and some residents at the castro district is upset over a protest that turned violent. i'm amy hollyfield and i'll have the story for you. >> and massive fire that torched eight u-haul trucks and shut down a street overnight. what they are saying about a cause this morning. >> i'll show you the high temperatures east of the rockies but it doesn't tell you the whole story.
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we had heat index values 120 to 10 s 30 and upper 50s to low 70s and seattle and port lapped. good news, no airport delays right now. if any develops, our flight tracker will have them. go to
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hi, i'm amy hollyfield. in cost treo district that has some cleaning up to do after protestors came here to demonstrate against a shooting that happened in the bayview. >> eight u-haul trucks go up in flames in mountain view. investigators are trying to determine if it was an accident or arson. check out that picture.
5:30 am
those colors orange because of that? it's going to be hot today, maybe both. we'll have more details and cooling trend that follows for the weekend. >> it is a beautiful morning around the bay. take a look at golden gate bridge. no problems, we do have a traffic alert on the peninsula with a car fire. >> and oakland police are questioning two men in connection with a debt of a woman found burning in rockridge neighborhood. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks a lot for joining us. our top story, san francisco's police chief is holding a community meeting tonight. they provided more evidence that the suspect fired at them first, but activists don't believe it held a protest last night. amy hollyfield is live in the castro. >> reporter: the protest came through the castro and did some damage. check out this bank of america
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building at 18th and castro has a broken window. reports of smoke bombs being thrown inside the muni station. it started around 5:00 yesterday and came through the castro around 6:00. no one was hurt. someone threw a hammer at police officers and a news photographer was hit in the head. they declared an unlawful assembly around 7:45 and arrested 35 people. after the damage was done in the castro. residents don't understand why the protestors were even here. i don't know why it happened. keep it in their own area. castro is more about love and peace and not violence. >> this is protest over the shooting death of the shooting death of kenneth harding. he has a criminal record of a person of interest in a murder investigation.
5:32 am
san francisco police say he shot at them first tha. that, they shot and killed him. protestors have been questioning whether he was armed. police announced yesterday that they did find gunshot residue on his right hand. so emotions are very intense. that is why the police chief has decided to hold a townhall meeting about the issue tonight at 6:00 at the bay view opera house. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." firefighters in mountain view are trying to determine if a massive fire that damaged several u-haul trucks was arson. fire started just before midnight sending smoke into the air. we're told 8 trucks were burned in the fire, no reports of injuries and the street has now reopened. >> they are questioning two men in connection with a death of a woman found burning in rockridge
5:33 am
neighborhood. one man being detained in a vacant lot near macarthur boulevard. they arrested him after a foot chase. a woman was found dead last thursday morning. the woman appeared to have been beaten before her body was set on fire. there is no indication of a motive for the crime. marin county sheriff says an off-duty deputy who was killed while trying to calm a domestic violence situation. a deputy was called to a friend's house near petaluma last night after the woman received death threats from an ex-boyfriend. he showed up with a gun and the deputy was unarmed. >> he went outside to koom calm down the suspect as he approached the house. at that time he shot the deputy twice. he then proceeded to run to a
5:34 am
neighbor's house. >> he grabbed the girl's mother and shove her into the car. her son came out and shot and kill the suspect. a search will resume for one hiker reportedly swept over a water fall at yosemite park. park rangers received several calls about one or on more hikers going over verna falls into the merced river below. a search failed to turn up anything. the search was suspended when night fell. a popular trail is closed. record snowfall has created spectacular snowfall but treacherous conditions in yosemite. the oakland city council is doubling the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. they have approved the plan to license them from four to eight. the council is expected to take
5:35 am
up other issues this fall. >> city council also placed the mayor's parcel tax. it would raise $11 million a year. the mayor has been pushing for a parcel tax to maintain police staffing and libraries and fix more potholes and restore park maintenance crews. >> senator feinstein are set to begin a hearing in about an hour for a proposal that would repeal the defense of marriage act or doma. they will hear testimony from same-sex couples that want to see doma overturned. doma defines marriage between a man and woman only. it has prevented same-sex couples of taking advantage of federal protections available to married couples. white house says president obama also supports repealing doma and
5:36 am
stopped did he defending it in court. >> mike is joining us with the forecast. we got a two-day event. it sounds like a two day sale and it is coming out like that. >> come and get it. come and get your warmer temperatures. >> are you buying it? >> oh, yeah. >> and here is a look at jetstream, look how much farther to the north it is. some of the heat down to the south and moving up to the atmosphere. sun comes up and starts to warm the air and that heat comes down into our neighborhoods. we have that to deal with today and calm conditions. calm conditions, no marine layer clouds. that warmth is going to build rather quickly today. winds are 6 miles an hour at sfo. northeast at 3 at hayward. fairfield, southwest at 14 miles per hour. everybody sells calm this morning. we'll be cooler without the clouds and we are from livermore fremont and half moon bay and
5:37 am
everybody else about 1-5 degrees warmer. let's break down today and 8:00 this morning, few clouds hanging around the peninsula coast. 50s and 60s with sunshine. by your lunch hour, great day to be outside walking around. that sun is going to be strong. mid to upper 60s from half moon bay, san francisco, san rafael and 62 in san francisco. then you see the 70s to inland neighborhoods, already 80s by noon. your designation mid 80s in south bay. mid to upper 80s in the north bay. 71 in san francisco and 76 in oakland. that warmest weather in east bay valleys, that is when we'll find it tomorrow. temperatures will be pretty close to today. good morning mike. right now we have good news traveling 101 toward mountain view from sunnyvale. a sig alert cancelled. a car fire is out of line lanes.
5:38 am
san rafael road resurfacing and i drove by lucas valley road it is in the northbound direction. southbound out of novato is moving well past the scene. take a look at the toll plaza. very lighted westbound into san francisco. >> thanks a lot. it's 5:38. >> still ahead what a new report is revealing about illegal immigrants in the bay area. >> and unfinished business of an east bay contractor, why the owners of this house have not been able to live there for month more than a year. >> and possible deal in the works in washington to avert a default on the nation's debt.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a new study that half million illegal i am immigrants in the bay area. they found 526,000 illegal immigrants live here, that is about 7% of the total population. the three counties with the most santa clara with 180,000, lld with 124,000 and contra costa with 79,000. the study is one of the first to try to publish the number of local residents living in the u.s. illegally.
5:42 am
they used tax returns and mathematical mod else to make their estimates. >> a well established east bay contractor has gone out of business but not before cashing insurance checks and leaving work ungone. >> a tarp covers their roof of their berkeley home. a large pine tree fell on it last year. they lived in one room of the house with four young girls until august when they moved out and vanderbilt construction begin repairs. they have lived in hotels and family ever since. >> vanderbilt was recommended by farmers. >> now vanderbilt is bankrupt. his work is far from completed and all the insurance companies $72,000 is gone. farmers issued three checks made out to him and his mortgage bank wells fargo. farmers explained how to handle the checks. >> the instructions were to endorse them and hand them over
5:43 am
to the contractor. >> he cashed them at fremont bank and because of the bankruptcy, he had no way to recover the money. >> michelle is in the same situation but with more money. >> i think it's about $330,000. >> they are her jewelry business and her apartment was heavily damaged by an electrical fire a year ago. they recommended vanderbilt and issued two checks, one for more than $259,000. they were made out to her and her mortgage bank where she planned to set up an account but vanderbilt objected. >> they said no, it's going to be hard to do it that way, sign it over to us and we'll take care of it. i said, i mean, so far i trusted these guys. >> there is more than $200,000 worth of work left on her building. >> we were unable to reach vanderbilt's owner but they say
5:44 am
they believe they were taking insurance money to cover costs on old jobs rather than the new jobs, heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news." >> american airlines makes aviation history with a plane order. bloomberg business report is coming up. >> and soil problem that is complicating construction of a long-awaited tunnel at devil's slide. >> and public outrage over the phone hacking scandal. >> is congress close todale on the dededededededededededededede
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live doppler 7-hd, it's going to be warm in a lost areas around the state today. 66 in eureka to 76 in big sur and mid to upper 80s in l.a. and yosemite. comfortable 78 in tahoe and hot spotted, palm springs, 111 today. the this morning, a british prime minister david cameron is addressing an emergency session of parliament on the growing hacking and bribery scandal. he defended his former communications chief. he told lawmakers an inquiry would be launched into relationship between press, police and politicians. come ron says the hacking raises
5:48 am
questions over the ethics and value of police force. his comments came a day after rupert murdoch denied personal responsibility in the camped at his company's news of the world. >> congressional leaders from both parties will start talking understanding turkey on a plan to reduce the deficit and raise the debt limit. republican controlled house have approved a deal that would raise the limit that would require a balanced budget amendment but democrats say that plan is a no-go. karen travers s has more. >> now there a glimmer of optimism in washington. >> i think we're now seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> yesterday the gang of six announced $3.7 trillion cut over the next decade. that would include cuts to
5:49 am
medicare, medicaid and social security and closing tax loopholes. they also passed a cut, cap and balance last night. washington may be patting on the the back with the modest progress on the deficit but outside the beltway americans have had it. >> we have had enough. >> get it done, for god's sake. >> a new "washington post" poll 80 of americans are angry with the federal government. they place the blame on on congressional republicans than president obama. the weather is the very latest right now. >> we go to the live shot instead of mike walking in. here is mike with the latest. >> this will be more dramatic.
5:50 am
>> it's such a gorgeous morning. >> absolutely. here we go. [ laughter ] >> in are a few clouds around the coast and last of all of the rest of clouds because -- it's going to be warm today. 46 in half moon bay, rest of us in the 50s and 60s, antioch at 57 degrees. mid-50s around the monterey bay. let's get down to brass tacks as terry likes to say. warmest afternoon today and tomorrow. clouds will return and signal a cooling trend that will take us from friday. so it's kind after two day summer return if you will back
5:51 am
to the future. we'll have low to mid-80s in the south bay until you get to campbell and los gatos, upper 80s. 76 in millbrae and 70 in san mateo. 70 in half moon bay, upper 50s, daly city with mid-70s in downtown san francisco and sausalito. upper 80s to low 90s in the north bay valleys. beaches with sunshine, we'll hit the mid to upper 50s, richmond, berkeley, san leandro, hayward mid to upper 70s. hercules, fremont newark, low to mid-80s. low to mid 90s in the east bay valleys. this is where you'll find the warmest weather along with the gilroy and hollister, near 90s. low to mid-70s carmel and pacific grove and monterey and salinas. heading to the giants game, watch out for the sun, mild temperatures, sunshine at 12:45, 64 warming up.
5:52 am
60s in fairfield and san jose, rest of us mid to upper 50s. we're watching the low pressure pulling away, it's coming out of southeast and the clearing is coming from the northwest and it brings us the warm day today and tomorrow. you see the cool cooling of the clouds and sunday and monday, temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler. this is the san mateo bridge traffic is moving well both directions and westbound between hayward and foster city. that is the westbound direction. little wisps of fog on the golden gate bridge but not affecting your visibility on the deck at all. its nice drive out of the waldo tunnel on to the span. this is the east shore freeway,
5:53 am
80 westbound from highway 4. and heading into the macarthur maze. no delays there, toll plaza metering lights remain off. go to and click on bay area traffic to get the latest information. 5:53 right now. >> american airlines is making aviation history this morning. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg business plan. >> american plans to buy 60 jets from europe not good news from boeing. american is also buying from boeing from 737 line. whole thing could involve 900 planes one analyst american's decision to buy them from airbus shows loss of initiative of the narrow body aircraft market.
5:54 am
>> big rally on wall street yesterday, showing progress on the budget deal that could help the u.s. government avoid a default. rupert murdoch told a hearing that he is the best person to clean up the hacking scheme in the company. more problems ahead. police spokesperson says the f.b.i. has contacted the new york city police department to see whether news corp employees tried to hack the phones of 9/11 victims. sacramento superior court judge is allowing a lawsuit against have a schwarzenegger to go forward. the family of murder medicine stan zbiag. nunez is the former son of assembly speaker. former governor violated a law that required victims ton notified when a reduction in sentencing is being considered. >> the devil's slide tunnel
5:55 am
project is at least a year behind schedule. crews working on the two tunnels have encountered soil movement that requires extra reinforcement work that will push the completion dated. and pushed up the cost of $350 million project. caltrans was hoping to have them completed by the end of this year. work begin in 20 zo 7. >> at&t has won a three-year battle to reply bri a new service to the san francisco. they have approved the plan to install boxes throughout the city. at&t says the boxes will mean faster internet speed, better phone service and better cable but opponents complain that the boxes are an eyesore and will attract graffiti. >> wells fargo bank is donating more than a million dollars to japan for earthquake relief but it is what is accompanying the check is drawing the atechx.
5:56 am
these are some of the 30,000 origami cranes that will be donated to. an employee came up with an idea japanese legend that says anybody that makes 1,000 origami cranes will be granted a wish. >> the cranes will be distributed to five japanese cities. that is like 30 wishes. got a long way. >> just ahead. new study that outlines the lasting effects budget cuts are having on public safety. >> and very noble cause that has bill gates throwing $42 million into the toilet. >> a left in san francisco turned violent last night in the
5:57 am
castro district. i'm amy hollyfield and the
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